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Air Filters
Air Filters for the Omega B ('94-03)


K&N Panel Filter - Omega (all models)

K&N high performance replacement air filters for the Vauxhall Omega (all models).


£70.99 (84.48)

K&N Recharger Filter Care Service Kit

A six-step maintenance system designed to recharge any K&N Air Filter.

Restores airflow efficiency so your K&N performs like new.


8 oz. Squeeze Oil, 12 oz. Filter Cleaner and Service Decal.

Part Number: 99-5050


£16.00 (19.04)

Pipercross Panel Filter - Omega B

Pipercross Replacement Panel Filter for Vauxhall Omega B ('94-03).

Designed to directly replace your standard air filter element, Pipercross panel filters can be fitted in minutes for a lifetime of performance engine protection.*

Pipercross air filters increase the airflow to your engine by up to 30% more than a standard paper air filter, whilst still providing superior protection from dirt and dust particles.

When dirty, the filter can then be simply cleaned and refitted without the mess of other reusable air filters.

*Lifetime warranty when cleaned with genuine Pipercross Service Kits.


£39.95 (47.54)

Pipercross Universal Induction Cone Air Filter

Pipercross Universal Induction Air Filter.

Can be used in many applications, where space and dimensions allow.

Filter size:

• Width approx. 200mm

• Length approx. 200mm

Supplied complete with fixing clamp.

Available with 70mm or 80mm neck fitting (internal diameter), as shown in the images.

Please choose which size you require using the drop down menu below.


£49.96 (59.45)

Pipercross Air Filter Cleaning Kit

Cleaner and Dirt Retention Additive Set for Pipercross Air Filters.

Available in two different sizes.

Keep your Pipercross air filter in peak condition with a filter service kit. Each kit contains all you need to clean and recharge your Pipercross filter with the dirt-retention additive. Both the cleaner and retention additive are supplied in convenient dispensers so that servicing is quick and easy.

**Not available for delivery outside of the UK as this kit contains aerosol sprays**


£15.00 (17.85)

Pipercross Air Filter Dirt Retention Additive

Pipercross Air Filter Dirt Retention Additive.

Available in two different sizes.

Apply Pipercross Dirt Retention Additive after cleaning with Pipercross Cleaning Fluid for optimum filtration and lasting protection.

**Not available for delivery outside the UK**


£9.98 (11.88)