Whiteline Adjustable Rear Anti-Roll Bar - Corsa C
Uprated Anti-Roll Bars are one of the most effective ways of improving not only the handling of a car, but also outright grip levels. The majority of cars produced today have some form of anti-roll bar. The biggest advantage of the anti-roll bar is that you can limit roll in corners whilst still retaining suspension travel and a good ride. Uprating the anti-roll bar for a larger one increases the roll stiffness at that end of the car. If the roll stiffness is increased so is the weight transfer.

Whiteline Anti-Roll Bars are manufactured in Australia and provide an excellent value upgrade to a cars handling. They provide an excellent way to fine tune the handling of your car, especially important if you have other modifications to the car or to simply balance the handling to suit both tyres and driver.

Suitable for all Corsa C ('01-06) models.

• Adjustable 20mm rear Anti-Roll Bar
• Quick and simple upgrade to transform your vehicles handling
• Supplied with fittings and uprated polyurethane bushes
Part Number: BHR69Z
Manufacturer Whiteline
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