Vibra-Technics Left/Right Engine Mount - VX220
The Original Equipment mountings are the hydraulic type designed to give good isolation from NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). They have a total vertical travel of approximately 15mm which we believe is too much for a performance car. They also have limited lateral snubbing which we believe is important in performance cars to control engine movement laterally, fore aft and yawing.

The Vibra-Technics Road mounts reduce total vertical movement to approximately 7mm and have a higher radial stiffness, yet retain NVH isolation.

The Vibra-Technics Competition mounts reduce the movement to less than 4mm vertically.

*Please note the price is for one part, two parts required per car.
Part Number: VXL101M
Manufacturer Vibra-Technics
Our Price £127.33 (151.52)
including VAT £21.22