Uprated Engine Mountings


Uprated Engine Mountings

Uprated Engine Mountings
Uprated Engine Mounts for the Calibra


High Performance Torque Link - Calibra V6 / Cavalier V6

Made from steel and uprated rubber, these high performance engine mounts are a must for Fast Road and Competition vehicles.

The standard Calibra/Cavalier engine mounting system is very soft to give good isolation from noise and vibration. This allows the engine to move over 30mm in the fore-aft direction when maximum torque is used. For a performance car we believe this is not acceptable. Therefore, we have developed a torque link which is a direct replacement for the original, gives acceptable noise isolation and reduces engine movement to around 5mm.

The benefits for performance drivers are reduced axle tramp, better gear change, less chance of exhaust breakages and other under bonnet items hitting each other and a 'tighter' feel to the car.

Made to order, delivery time approximately two weeks.


£114.66 (136.45)