Standard Upgrade Parts


Standard Upgrade Parts

Standard Upgrade Parts

Standard Upgrade Parts for the Agila B


Carbon Fibre Effect Film

A high quality Carbon Fibre Effect Adhesive Film. Measures 100cm x 30cm. This can really make some of your interior or exterior parts really stand out.


£10.96 (13.04)

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Sunvisor CD Storage

This very useful CD holder attaches to your existing sunvisor, and will store up to ten discs.

Part Number: 9121795


£10.57 (12.58)

Pogo Alert Driver Safety and Information System

Pogo Alert is a state-of-the-art Driver Safety and Information System that harnesses the power of orbiting GPS satellites to warn motorists of approaching speed cameras, accident blackspots, schools and congestion charge zones. In addition, alerts are provided for mobile laser traps via the supplied (removable) laser detector module.

The fully portable, plug & play Pogo Alert combines cutting-edge industrial design with a high resolution TFT colour screen, custom designed GPS hardware and an intuitive graphical user interface. The result is the most sophisticated speed camera locator ever to take to the road.

Pogo Alert has the award-winning Origin360 speed camera database pre-loaded and provides comprehensive audible and visual alerts including speed trap type, speed limit and proximity to hazard.

Pogo Alert also includes a highly sensitive infra-red laser detector to provide the fullest protection against mobile laser based speed traps and ‘safety camera vans’ via the supplied (removable) laser detector module.

Pogo Alert will warn of ALL fixed speed cameras, including:

• Gatso cameras

• Watchman

• Specs average speed cameras

• Truvelo cameras

• Speed Curb

• DS2 Speedmaster

• Plus mobile ‘safety vans’, mobile laser guns and accident blackspots

Pogo Alert features:

• Fully portable, plug and play design

• 1.8" TFT colour LCD screen

• Clear audible and visual alerts

• Simple-to-use menu driven user-interface

• Speed limit advisory

• Distance to speed camera and camera type

• Congestion camera & school zone alerts (time sensitive)

• On-board infra-red laser detector (removable)

• Dashboard and windscreen mounting kits

Pogo’s speed camera database:

Pogo Alert utilises the award-winning Origin360 database of speed camera and accident blackspot locations to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Data downloads are carried out via the internet using the download software supplied. Each Pogo Alert comes with a free six month subscription to this service. Thereafter, an annual fee of £50.00 (including VAT) applies.

Pogo Alert includes:

Pogo Alert unit

Cigarette lighter power cord

USB2 data download cable

Windscreen Mount

Dashboard Mount

Pogo Alert Software CD

Pogo Alert User Guide

Pogo Alert Dimensions:

40mm (H) x 60mm (W) x 50mm (D)

Screen Width: 45mm


£255.26 (303.76)

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