Gear Quick Shifters


Gear Quick Shifters

Gear Quick Shifters

Gear Quick Shifters for the Astra H (Mk5)




F20 M32 Sequential Gearbox

Quaife is pleased to announce that the brand new and affordable 5-speed sequential gearbox to replace the standard GM Vauxhall/Opel F20 & M32 gearboxes is now ready to order, and, as an introductory special offer, we are offering an additional 10% discount on this gearbox for the first 30 orders, so place your order now whilst stocks last!


£7533.00 (8964.27)

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M32 Short Shift

M32 Short Shifter

Quicker, Slicker, Shorter, Gear Change for M32 6 speed box!!!!

• Reduced throw by upto 40%

• Smoother Gear Change

• Precision Engineered

• Precise Gear change

• Powder Coated

Drivers that have the M32 Gearbox fitted to their car will know, the shift on this gearbox is very notchy and quite a long throw. This modified shift arm has not only been designed to smooth out and give a more precise gear change, but also reduces the throw by upto 40%, giving you a quicker gear change, making it a must have modification for fast road and track cars.

The item can be fitted, by any competent mechanic in minutes with no specialist tools by following out easy to follow fitting instructions, supplied with the kit.


£119.94 (142.73)

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