Fault Code Readers


Fault Code Readers


Gendan Fault Code Reader

• Reads Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) of engine-management system

• Clears Trouble Codes (and switches off Check-Engine light)

• DTC definition table of generic codes

• Works with all 2001+ petrol and 2004+ diesel cars

• Supports ISO, PWM, VPW and CAN diagnostic protocols

• Displays Readiness Test Status for emissions testing

• Displays VIN information (if supported by car)

• Very simple to operate

• Backlit 2-line display

• Small, light-weight, compact design (12cm x 8cm x 2cm)

• No batteries required

• 1 year warranty

Why not save yourself the expense from a main dealer and read/clear your own fault codes with our new fault code reader for modern cars.

The reader comes complete with cable and connector, and will connect to ALL petrol cars from 2001 onwards, and diesel cars from 2004 onwards. Some petrol models from certain manufacturers, e.g. Ford and Volvo, are known to work back to approximately 1997-98.

Very quick and easy to use: Simply plug this reader into the 16-pin diagnostic socket on your car, switch the car to pre-ignition, press READ and the fault codes will be displayed on the reader's built-in screen.

It will read/clear codes from the EOBD diagnostics system (this covers engine, powertrain and emissions faults). It will not read/clear codes from other systems, e.g. SRS, ABS or Suspension systems.

This will even give you the engines VIN in the display on Petrol 2001- Models and Diesel 2004- Models

This code reader supports the ISO9141/14230, PWM, VPW and CAN protocols of the EOBD/OBDII standards.


£61.22 (72.85)

Gendan Fault Code Reader

This code reader allows car owners and mechanics to quickly read and clear engine Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's), to read freeze frame data and to view on-board test status.


• Save money by reading and clearing fault codes yourself

• Fix faults at home or go to the garage armed with information

• Use in a garage environment to quickly diagnose problems

• View manufacturer-specific as well as generic fault code definitions on-screen

• Quick and easy to use

• Hard-wearing, ruggedised design

• UK-based email support if you experience any problems

• The GCR25 has been tried, tested and developed for cars sold in the UK & EC (EOBD - European On Board Diagnostics)

• The software in the tool is updateable via a PC cable (included)

• Carry case included

• Brand new - 1 year Warranty


• Read and clear engine fault codes

• Switch off Check Engine Light (MIL)

• View on-screen fault code definitions (generic and manufacturer-specific, where available) - thousands of definitions stored within the tool software

• Look up fault code definitions from the tool's on-board database, even when that code isn't currently stored on the car

• Read freeze-frame data (a snapshot of sensor values when a DTC occurred)

• Read real-time live data streams from the engine sensors - ideal for monitoring intermittent faults

• View Readiness Test Status for emissions testing

• View Oxygen Sensor test results (dependent on vehicle support)

• Read stored and pending fault codes

• Retrieve VIN, Cal ID and CVN identifiers from ECU (dependent on vehicle support)

Large backlit, multi-line graphic display

Compatible with petrol cars from 2001 (and some earlier models - see below)

Compatible with diesel cars from 2004

EOBD/OBDII cable with 16-pin connector (for the 16-pin socket on all 2001+ petrol cars and 2004+ diesel cars)

Supports all EOBD/OBDII languages (ISO-9141, ISO-14230 (KWP2000), PWM, VPW and CAN)

Takes power from the car - no batteries needed

Tool dimensions: approx. 180 x 95 x 35mm

NOTE: This product is not designed to switch off 'Service Indicator' light, 'Airbag' light or 'ABS' lights.

Package contents:

GCR25 Scan Tool

EOBD cable (to plug code reader into car)

USB PC cable for updating software

User manual

Soft carry case


£96.97 (115.39)