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Engine Gaskets

Engine Gaskets
Engine Gaskets for the Calibra




Valve Stem Seals

Valve Stem Seals in Elring.

Elring are the OEM for these genuine Vauxhall Parts

Price is for a Set of 16 pieces

Elring Number: 403.730

Suitable for the following applications

Astra F, G, H, Cavalier Calibra, Vectra B

Suitable for the following engine types

C18SEL, C18XE, X18XE, Z20LET, Z20LEL, Z20LER, Z20LEH, X20XE X20XE, X20DTL, X20DTH,Y20DTH

If unsure please email.


£9.95 (11.84)

Rocker Cover Gasket & 'O' Rings Set

Genuine ELRING Parts

Rocker Cover Gasket and 10 'O' Rings to fit the following:

Astra F 1992-1998; Engine codes: C18SEL, C18XE, X18XE, C18XEL, X20XEV

Astra G & Zafira A 1998-2005; Engine codes: X20XER, X20XEV, Z20LET

Astra H 2005-2010; Engine codes: Z20LEL, Z20LER, Z20LEH

Calibra 1989-1997; Engine code: X20XEV

Cavalier Mk3 1989-1995; Engine code: X20XEV

Vectra B 1996-2001; Engine codes: X18XE, C20SEL, X20XEV

Omega B 1994-2003; Engine code: X20XEV, From Engine Number 14039000- , 31000001-

Frontera A 1992-1998; Engine code: X22XE

Frontera B 1999-2004; Engine codes: X22SE, Y22SE

Sintra 1997-1999; Engine code: X22XE

Brand new item.

Please double check the part number with us if you are unsure, or with a main dealer before ordering, as we cannot be held responsible for wrongly ordered parts!


£15.54 (18.49)

Rocker Cover Gasket Set

Rocker Cover Gasket with 8 'O' Rings.

Suitable for:

Calibra (1989-1997); Engine codes: C25XE & X25XE (From Engine Number 0803815- )

Cavalier MK3 (1989-1995); Engine code: C25XE (From Engine Number 0803815- )

Omega B (1994-2003); Engine codes: X25XE, Y26SE, X30XE & Y32SE (Up to Chassis Number -21999999)

Signum; Engine code: Z32SE

Sintra (1997-1999); Engine code: X30XE

Vectra C (2002-2008); Engine code: Z32SE

OE quality Part

*Sold individually, 2 gaskets are required per vehicle


£26.80 (31.89)

Steel Head Gasket - C20XE / C20LET / Z20LET / Z20LEH - 93180271

Multi-layer 3 Layer Steel Head Gasket to fit the Vauxhall C20XE/C20LET 'Redtop' engine.

Also used on Z20LET/Z20LEH

Designed to withstand higher compression than composite type.


£22.00 (26.18)

Sump Baffle Plate with Integral Gasket - C20XE

OE Quality 'Elring' Sump Baffle and Gasket for the following:

Astra Mk2 - 18E, 18SE, C18NZ, 20NE, C20NE, 20SEH & 20SER engines

Astra Mk3 - 16LZ2, 16NZ2, C18NZ, C18XE, C18XEL, X18XE, C20NE & X20XEV engines

Cavalier Mk3 - 16LZ2, 16NZ2, 18NV, C18NZ, E18NVR, 20NE, C20NE, 20SEH & X20XEV engines

Calibra - C20NE & X20XEV engines

Omega - 20SE, X20SE & X20XEV engines

A great upgrade for the C20XE Redtop engine to replace the standard cork gasket, which is prone to splitting and causing leaks.


£24.52 (29.18)