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Engine Conversion Parts

Engine Conversion Parts

Engine Conversion Parts for the Astra F (Mk3)



C20XE REDTOP Air Intake Hose

All Vauxhall C20XE 'Redtop' engines, as fitted to Astra, Cavalier & Calibra models. Also found in engine converted Nova's, Corsa's and Tigra's.

This is the hose that splits and causes idling issues.

Brand new and in original packaging'

  • For ALL C20XE engines.
  • Fits in between SFI box/Powercap and the Air Flow Meter.


£24.95 (29.69)

Powercap - C20XE

This easy to fit cast aluminum air intake system replaces the original plastic SFI box on all C20XE engines.

The special design allows a better airflow into the manifold, giving improved throttle response, more torque at lower revs and a power increase of 5-10Bhp.

Supplied complete with new gasket and fittings.

Now available in Red, Blue or Silver.


£97.02 (115.45)

Quaife ATB Differential

The Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing Differential enables your car to accelerate quicker and corner faster. How? Simply by getting the power to the ground!

The Quaife differential powers both drive wheels under nearly all conditions, instead of just one. It senses which wheel has the better grip, and automatically biases the power to that wheel. It does this smoothly and constantly, and without ever completely removing power from the other wheel.

When accelerating out of a corner, the QUAIFE biases greater power to the outside wheel, reducing inside-wheel spin. This allows the driver to begin accelerating earlier, exiting the corner at a higher speed.


£655.80 (780.40)