DTUK CRD2 Multimap Power System - Agila, Antara, Corsa, Insignia


DTUK CRD2 Multimap Power System - Agila, Antara, Corsa, Insignia

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Weight 5.00 kg
Part Number: DTUK003
Manufacturer DTUK

The Common Rail CRD2+ Multimap Digital Plug and Play Diesel Tuning System from DTUK is available for most Common Rail diesel engines and improves power and torque by up to 40%.

This system contains surface mounted electronics and an on board micro processor which we load with vehicle specific software that has been tailored to your make and model of car.

Up to 50+bhp increase and better fuel economy is possible with this system, depending on your vehicle and driving style.

We use original equipment connectors which enable easy fitting in minutes, not hours, meaning that the system can be removed at any time. Once the system is removed, your car reverts back to factory settings, leaving no traces behind. This system can be re-programmed to fit many other applications if you change your current car.

Four individual tuning maps which are specific to your vehicle are placed into the memory of the system before despatch. The reason behind this is that every driver has their own unique style, and we feel that at least 1 of the 4 maps will suit the driver and their vehicle. This means optimal matching of all control parameters at every level of performance.

This is possible through the use of high performance processors that facilitate the detailed real-time scanning of the original software without influencing the internal protection functions of your engine.

A further novelty of the CRD2+ is the ability of the systems to adapt to the individual characteristics of your vehicle. Over a short running-in period, the memory function detects the individual data for the differing fuel injection cycles. The information gained in this way provides the basis for the optimisation. The tolerances are then balanced and an optimal result is achieved.

Fuel savings as a useful extra effect

An enhanced ignition map leads to raised levels of efficiency, which in turn leads to reduced fuel consumption. The increase in torque facilitates a driving performance that requires fewer revs per minute, therefore significantly lowering levels of fuel consumption. According to driving performance, savings of fuel consumption of between 10% and 20% are possible, meaning that your tuning pays off very quickly.
Please note that while fuel savings of 10-20% are common with the CRD2, they do depend on your individual driving style and therefore cannot be guaranteed.

Tuning also suitable for diesel particle filter vehicles

A further advantage of the new add-on electronic control units with enhanced ignition control technology is their compliance with vehicle emissions standards. Through enhanced burning in all areas of vehicle performance, the fuel is 100% efficiently used, with soot and smoke being things of the past. Because of this, unrestricted installation of the modules is also possible in vehicles with diesel particle filter engines. Compliance with emissions standards is certified through the vehicle specific MOT certification.


Std KW BHP Tuned KW Std Torque Tuned Torque
Agila 1.3 CDTi 75 PS 55 (75 PS) 70 (95 PS) 190 Nm 225 Nm
Agila 1.3 CDTi Bosch/Marelli 70 PS 51 (70 PS) 66 (90 PS) 170 Nm 205 Nm
Agila 1.3 CDTi Denso 70 PS 51 (70 PS) 64 (87 PS) 170 Nm 200 Nm
Antara 2.0 CDTi 126 PS 93 (126 PS) 113 (153 PS) 295 Nm 335 Nm
Antara 2.0 CDTi 150 PS 110 (150 PS) 137 (185 PS) 320 Nm 400 Nm
Combo (Corsa C) 1.3 CDTi 70 PS 51 (70 PS) 68 (95 PS) 170 Nm 240 Nm
Corsa D 1.3 CDTi 70 PS 51 (70 PS) 66 (90 PS) 170 Nm 205 Nm
Corsa D 1.3 CDTi 75 PS 55 (75 PS) 72 (98 PS) 170 Nm 206 Nm
Corsa D 1.3 CDTi 90 PS 66 (90 PS) 83 (113 PS) 200 Nm 240 Nm
Insignia 2.0 CDTi 110 PS 81 (110 PS) 101 (137 PS) 260 Nm 310 Nm
Insignia 2.0 CDTi 130 PS 96 (130 PS) 129 (175 PS) 300 Nm 390 Nm
Insignia 2.0 CDTi 160 PS 118 (160 PS) 160 (212 PS) 350 Nm 460 Nm
Insignia 2.0 CDTi 190 PS Bi Turbo 140 (190 PS) 160 (218 PS) 400 Nm 445 Nm

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DTUK CRD2 Multimap Power System - Astra & Zafira


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