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6mm Alloy Side Mounts

Corbeau Alloy Side Mounting frames are for use on the Sprint, Pro Series, Revolution, Revenge and LE-Driver and are manufactured from 6mm thick alloy in accordance with FIA regulations. Available in silver or black.

Key Features

  • FIA Approved
  • 6mm Thick Alloy Construction
  • Strong Yet Lightweight
  • Designed exclusively for Corbeau Seats
  • Supplied As A Pair

Part Number: PA0035


£90.00 (107.10)

Corbeau Forza Sport Seat

The Forza Sport is a fantastic value entry level FIA approved competition seat. Constructed from a medium weight tubular steel frame and trimmed in hard wearing cloth or vinyl, with the cloth version featuring anti wear patches on the shoulders and side bolsters. The Forza Sport is suitable for race or rally use and comes with 5 harness slots to suit 4, 5 or 6 point harnesses.

Key Features:

  • FIA Approved
  • Excellent Value For Money
  • Steel Frame Construction
  • Base/Side Mounted
  • Use With 4, 5 Or 6 Point Harnesses
  • Suitable For Race Or Rally

Now with improved energy absorbing foam and enhanced new trim and stitching

Available in all black, black & red, black & blue, black & grey, or black vinyl.

Part Number: 2FOR


£219.60 (261.32)

Corbeau Pro Series Seat

The Pro Series range of competition seats from Corbeau are ideal for all forms of motorsport, and is the preferred choice of motorsport teams and enthusiasts where space is at a premium and a complete head protection seat may not be easily installed. The Pro-Series now boasts the latest in cushion design and stitching pattern for strength, durability and driver comfort, along with the HANS® comfort zone, to ensure full functionality with the HANS® System.

Key Features:

  • FIA Approved
  • Anti Wear Patches
  • Split Leg Cushion
  • Side Mounted
  • Use With 4, 5 or 6 Point Harnesses
  • HANS® Compatible
  • Suitable for Race or Rally

Available in standard or excel width and with three composite shell finishes.

Part Number: PRS1S


£447.48 (532.50)

Corbeau Revenge Seat

The Corbeau Revenge seat is the latest competition seat from the motorsport team at Corbeau Seats and has all the safety and comfort features you would expect from Corbeau's range topping seat.

The shell has deep side bolsters that offer superb lateral support, the built in padded headrest limits lateral head movement in the event of an accident and the 5 harness slots allow 4, 5 or 6 point harnesses to be used. For increased driver comfort the Revenge features energy absorbing foam, a low profile split leg cushion and an adjustable lumbar support.

  • FIA Approved
  • Deep Side Bolsters
  • Built In Padded Headrest
  • Energy Absorbing Foam
  • Low Profile Split Leg Cushion
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Use With 4, 5 Or 6 Point Harnesses
  • HANS® Compatible
  • Suitable For Race or Rally

Available in a range of different colours and materials.

Part Number: RV1S / Black


£564.00 (671.16)

Corbeau Revolution Seat

The Revolution competition seat from Corbeau has been developed with safety in mind and is ideal for any motorsport event. The built in padded head protection is designed to protect the driver's head in the event of a side impact, reducing the risk of neck injuries. Deep side bolsters offer the driver a positive location and good lateral support.

Key Features

  • FIA Approved
  • Built In Padded Headrest
  • Good Lateral Support
  • Ultra Deep Sides
  • High Density Foam Inserts
  • Side Mounted
  • Use With 4, 5 Or 6 Point Harnesses
  • HANS® Compatible
  • Suitable For Race or Rally

Available in a range of different colours and fabrics.

Part Number: REV1S


£540.60 (643.31)

Corbeau Sportline Boss Evo Reclining Seat

The Evo Boss’ DNA can be traced back to the very popular Corbeau Boss seat previously manufactured.

The constant demand for this simplistic style gave the Corbeau design team something to think about. The result is this classis retro look Sports Recliner with enhanced side support, cleverly styled lumber and low-sided bolster cushion. This seat uses modern design techniques with the latest moulded foam and trim options, fitted with high quality single reclining and tilting mechanism for ease of adjustment.

Available in:

  • Black Jacquard cloth with diamond stitched centre and base cushion, with black carbon look wear patches

Part Number: EVO/B


£306.00 (364.14)

Corbeau Sportline RRB Seat

Sports Road and Track Day Seat - this unique bucket reclining seat is the perfect solution for the driver who relies on their car for day to day travel but has a demanding use for the car at the weekends.

Designed by Corbeau's motorsport department, this metal framed seat is the ultimate solution for comfort and maximum lateral support.

Designed for used with 3 and 4 point harnesses, the RRB has the same single high quality reclining and tilt mechanism as the other Sportline seats.

The RRB also uses a high quality jacquard fabric which not only has the feel good factor, but is hard wearing and durable.

TÜV approved.

Available in all black , black & red or black & blue


£390.00 (464.10)

Corbeau Sportline RRS Seat

For Motorsport enthusiasts who know what they want - the RRS has been designed with up-to-the-minute styling, giving you the ultimate in comfort and safety.

This steel-framed sports recliner has high quality moulded foam cushion, bolster and a lumber support to give maximum comfort, whilst not compromising lateral support. Fitted with a high quality single reclining and tilting mechanism for ease of adjustment.

In black vinyl, with a black carbon effect vinyl centre.

TÜV Approved

Part Number: RRS/B


£420.00 (499.80)

Corbeau Sportline RRX Seat

The RRX Sports Recliner offers a unique combination of performance styling, achieving an ergonomic driving position without compromising comfort and safety.

• Uses high quality moulded foam cushion, bolster and lumber support, designed specifically for the Sportline range of seats.

• Trimmed in the latest mix of black jacquard fabric with silver carbon effect vinyl.

• Fitted with high quality single reclining and tilting mechanism for ease of adjustment

The must have seat for any driver that enjoys performance driving

TÜV approved

Part Number: RRX/B


£474.00 (564.06)

Corbeau Sportline RS1 Seat

The RS1 Replacement sports Recliner has been designed to give comfort, style and support for those who want to upgrade their standard road seats. Quality medium density moulded foam gives you both comfort and lateral support due to the sports design of the side bolsters.

Designed for use with either the standard fitment 3 point harness or 4 point upgraded sports harness.

The RS1 uses our single high quality reclining and tilt mechanism for ease of adjustment.

TÜV approved.

In black vinyl with a range of cloth or vinyl centre options.

Part Number: RS1/BV


£342.00 (406.98)