Cat Cams Camshafts - C20XE 16v


Cat Cams Camshafts - C20XE 16v

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Weight 10.00 kg
Part Number: 4600702
Manufacturer Cat Cams

Cat Cams Camshafts for Vauxhall C20XE engines. Sold as a set.

Extra bhp, torque and driveability – that’s the Cat Cams performance difference. Whether it’s fast road, rally, rallycross, circuit or drag racing, if you’re looking for improved engine performance then Cat Cams has plenty to offer.

Computer simulation and CNC manufacturing techniques allow Cat Cams to pursue a unique design philosophy based on shorter durations and higher valve lifts. Compared to competitors this means Cat’s profiles offer better cylinder filling at lower engine speeds, producing higher levels of torque and tractability allied to improved top end power.

There are many different types of camshaft, for different vehicle uses - Please choose from the drop down menu below, the camshaft application you require.

Duration at 0.1m Duration at 1.0mm Lift
Inlet Exhaust Inlet Exhaust Inlet Exhaust
Fast Road 246 246 220 220 10.85 10.85

Fast Road
(use with /Carbs/TBs,
Remap required)

267 267 228 228 10.95 10.95

Rally (use with Carbs/TBs
& Pistons**)

274 274 236 236 12 12


Valve Springs
Catcams valve springs are manufactured by PAC in Canada. Manufactured to the highest standards, this quality of spring is required to control the valve motion when pushing to the limits of cam profile design.
Set of 16 - RRP £240.83 including VAT

Catcams Retainers are manufactured in-house from either Hard Anodised Aluminium alloy or steel, depending on the requirements of the valve train in use.
Set of 16 - RRP £172.02 including VAT


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Cat Cams Camshaft Pulleys 16v C20XE - Round Tooth


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