Bilstein B4 Rear Shock Absorbers - Frontera B
The Bilstein B4 Gas Shock Absorber is the ideal replacement for standard shock absorbers. Its development has come from 50 years experience in original equipment manufacture, as well as the systematic advancement in technology. These technological advancements give the Bilstein B4 an edge over all other standard dampers making the B4 gas shock absorber the first choice for safety as well as comfort.

• Safety when braking

• Constant damping forces

• Maximum comfort

• OE Quality

Suitable for Frontera B 2.2i petrol, 3.2i petrol, 2.2 DTI, 2.2 DTI later chassis ('02- )

Normal Road; Fitting Position Rear Axle; Gas Pressure; Twin-Tube; Bottom eye; Top pin

*Please note these shock absorbers are sold individually - if you require a pair, please order two.
Part Number: 19-146980
Manufacturer Bilstein
Our Price £124.80 (148.51)
including VAT £20.80