Anti-Roll Bars


Anti-Roll Bars

Anti-Roll Bars
Anti-Roll Bars for the Nova


H&R Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bar Set - Nova

An Anti-Roll Bar is one of the easiest, most effective ways to improve the handling characteristics of your car. H&R Anti-Roll Bars are constructed from high-tensile steel with forged steel ends, and many bars are adjustable to suit your driving style and handling preferences. Manufactured at H&R's headquarters in Germany, H&R Anti-Roll Bars come with proprietary urethane/Teflon composite bushings and are compatible with most OEM and sport suspension systems.

Product benefits:

• Minimises body roll
• Improves handling
• Reduces over/under steer
• Retains OEM ride comfort
• Compatible with OE and sport suspension systems
• Manufactured from high tensile steel with forged ends
• Bushings made from exclusive urethane/Teflon composite
• Made in Germany

26mm fixed front anti-roll bar, and 22mm fixed rear anti-roll bar.

Suitable for the Nova.


£345.59 (411.25)