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Engine Components

Engine Components Engine Components for the Zafira A ('99-05)


  • Astra & Zafira Turbo Oil Restrictor Bolt

    Oil Restrictor Banjo Bolt To Fit:


    The standard oil pressure on the above engines is far too high for the turbos to cope, which is probably why you may have had oil leaks, an oily smell in the cabin, and blue smoke from the exhaust on idle, at some point. Often misdiagnosed as a faulty turbo, this could actually be something as simple as oil seeping past the seals due to the high pressure they are under!

    This modified bolt is designed to reduce the maximum oil pressure at the turbo to a much safer level, giving it more than enough to lubricate the internals, without overpowering the seals.

    Can be used on standard engines, and highly recommended for tuned vehicles!

    £20.38 (€24.25, $32.20 )
    inc. VAT £3.40


  • Astra VXR Fuel Injectors

    Genuine Vauxhall Astra VXR Fuel Injectors.

    Fits engine types Z20LEH, Z20LET, Z20LEL, Z20LER

    *The fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator do not come with the injectors as shown in the image.

    £154.96 (€184.40, $244.84 )
    inc. VAT £25.83


  • Cool-Running Thermostats

    82 Degree Cool-Running Thermostats.

    Suitable for the following engine types:

    • C20XE/C20LET

    • C20NE

    • X18XE/X20XEV

    • Z20LET

    • X14XE/C16XE/X16XE/X16XEL

    • C25XE/X25XE/Y26SE/X30XE/Y32SE

    £18.00 (€21.42, $28.44 )
    £25.48 , save 29%
    inc. VAT £3.00
  • Cylinder Head Cover & Gasket - 2.0 Turbo

    Cylinder Head Cover / Rocker Cover / Cam Cover and Gasket suitable for:

    • Astra H: Z20LEH, Z20LER, Z20LEL

    • Zafira B: Z20LEH, Z20LER

    • Astra G & Zafira A: Z20LET

    • VX220: Z20LET

    £200.00 (€238.00, $316.00 )
    inc. VAT £33.33
  • Enlarged & Modified Throttle Body - Z20LET / Z20LEH

    Enlarged & modified Throttle Body for Z20LET/LEH engines.

    Vastly improves Airflow and Throttle Response. Fully stripped down and inspected, then vapour blasted to bring it back to an 'as new' condition. The bore of the throttle body is then enlarged from 57mm to 62mm, and the spindle is re-profiled. The unit is finally reassembled with the low profile spindle and enlarged butterfly and then fully tested. Any worn bearings and motor brushes are replaced as a matter of course, so the item is essentially a fully refurbished as new item but opened out to a 62mm bore, 5mm larger than the original spec. Usual gains of 5-10 BHP are to be expected (depending on vehicle spec)*

    Please note: These units are sold on an exchange basis, and a £50.00 surcharge is included in the price. Once you have received your enlarged throttle body, we will require your old one to be sent to us, and your surcharge will be refunded.

    *Although we cannot guarantee specific gains from vehicle to vehicle, we have had feedback from previous customers who have used these on highly tuned engines, some of which gained up to 20 BHP in the midrange following the fitment of one of the units!

    £345.00 (€410.55, $545.10 )
    inc. VAT £57.50
  • Set of Spark Plugs - 91132006

    Vauxhall Spark Plugs to fit the following:

    Corsa B up to 2000 - 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 & 1.6 petrol

    Corsa C 2001-2006 - Petrol models (Excl. Twinport)

    Corsa Van 2001-2006 - 1.2 petrol

    Tigra A 94-01 - All models

    Astra F 92-97 - All models with twin electrodes

    Astra G 98-04 - All models inc van except 2.2 (Excl. Twinport)

    Zafira A 98-05 - All models except 2.2 (Excl. Twinport)

    Vectra B up to 2002 - All models except 2.2

    Calibra - 2.0, 2.5

    Cavalier MK3 89-95 - 1.8, 2.0, 2.5

    Omega - 2.0, 2.2, 2.5, 3.0

    Combo 2002 on - 1.6 petrol

    Please double check the part number with us if you are unsure, or with a main dealer before ordering, as we cannot be held responsible for wrongly ordered parts!

    £32.95 (€39.21, $52.06 )
    inc. VAT £5.49
  • Throttle Body 1.8 - 9196357

    Throttle Body to fit the following:

    Astra G (98-04): Z18XE & Z18XEL engines

    Astra H (04-10): Z18XE engine

    Corsa C (01-06): Z18XE engine

    Meriva A (03-10): Z18XE engine

    Omega B (1994-2003): Y22XE & Z22XE engines

    Signum (03- ): Z18XE engine

    Tigra B (04- ): Z18XE engine

    Vectra B (96-01): Z18XE & Z18XEL engines

    Vectra C (2002- ): Z18XE & Z18XEL engines

    Zafira A (98-05): Z18XE & Z18XEL engines

    £275.75 (€328.14, $435.69 )
    inc. VAT £45.96


  • Diesel Crankshaft Pulley - 55351711

    Diesel Crankshaft Pulley suitable for:

    • Astra G and Zafira A 1998-2004 with:

    X20DTL Y20DTL Y20DTH Engines with manual transmission and without Air Conditioning

    and Y20DTH Engines without Air Conditioning

    and Y20DTH Y20DTL engines with automatic transmission from chassis numbers 32000001, 35000001, 36000001, 38000001 and 3H000001

    and Y20DTH Y20DTL engines with air conditioning from chassis numbers 32000001, 35000001, 36000001, 38000001 and 3H000001

    • Frontera B 1999-2004 and Omega 1994-2003 with X22DTH Y22DTH engines

    • Signum and Vectra C 2002- with Y20DTH Y22DTR engines

    • Vectra B 1996-2001 with X20DTL X20DTH Y20DTH engines and with Air Conditioning and Y22DTR engines

    **Please double check the part number on your old unit, or with a main dealer before ordering, as we cannot be held responsible for wrongly ordered parts!

    £76.60 (€91.15, $121.03 )
    inc. VAT £12.77